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Social Justice Funder Opportunity Briefs

This series will explore complex social justice challenges and investigate specific funding opportunities that address those challenges. We focus on funding areas that are particularly well suited for philanthropy, backed up by research and sustainable. "Post-Secondary Education for People in Prison" is the first brief in this series. more


Our Funders Guides provide the philanthropic community accessible, useful, expertly vetted information about high impact giving opportunities in a wide variety of sectors. Our Practical Guide to Making Strategic Philanthropic Investments provides an overview of types of philanthropic investments and introduces key questions to ask as you make giving decisions.  more

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Improving Lives, Improving Communities: The Case for Trauma-Informed Philanthropy

Philanthropy has the opportunity not only to improve the lives of individuals but to more effectively tackle social problems by understanding and addressing trauma as a major underlying root cause of such challenges. Philanthropy can elevate trauma-informed work by funding it, certainly, but also by educating grantees and encouraging them to adopt trauma-informed approaches.

Northeast Youth Philanthropy Gathering brings over 200 youth philanthropists to Brandeis!

On November 20, 2016, Sillerman was honored to host over 200 youth philanthropists and their program leaders for the 2016 Northeast Youth Philanthropy Gathering, in collaboration with Youth Philanthropy Connect. The goal of the day was to have fun, make new friends, and learn about empathy, other ways to practice philanthropy, think about social justice philanthropy, and come together as a community.

Black Lives Matter -A Catalyst for Philanthropic Change? by Liora Norwich

The Black Lives Matter Movement (BLM) has attracted serious attention and, more recently, dollars from US foundations. Moreover, Social Justice Funders have offered not only immediate financial assistance, but movement-building resources to strengthen the decentralized, radical, and controversial movement over the long term.

Refugee Resettlement and Integration: Can Philanthropy Step Into the Breach?

Investing in refugee integration benefits not only refugees but whole communities. Philanthropy is particularly well positioned to sustain and expand successful national, state, and local practices, programs and policies designed to assist refugees and immigrants.

Education Crowdfunding: An Engine of Good That Could Move Us Toward Equity by Stephanie Hurley

Education-specific crowdfunding sites such as DonorsChoose and AdoptAClassroom provide platforms where teachers explain how they will use donated money to benefit students. But do these sites allow us to evade hard questions about money, public education, and inequality?

Sillerman Director Susan Eaton serving as consultant for WK Kellogg Foundation's Truth, Racial Healing and Transformation Enterprise

We are honored to be working with the WK Kellogg Foundation on its Truth, Racial Healing and Transformation Enterprise, which will help people in selected communities embrace racial healing and uproot conscious and unconscious beliefs in the hierarchy of human value. The TRHT process will adapt some practices of previous Truth and Reconciliation Commissions (TRC), which have been instrumental in resolving deeply rooted conflicts around the world, and apply them in the United States for a national, comprehensive enterprise to resolve the consequences of centuries of racism and structural inequities. By uncovering human rights violations and tragedies, and engaging people in a healing process, TRCs have historically restored dignity and respect on many occasions, paving the way for the transforming of societies – a prevailing objective of the U.S. effort. Sillerman Center Director Susan Eaton is serving as a consultant on this important and vital project.


By providing the opportunity to plan, problem solve and create a finished product, the arts help students with 21st century skills, positively affecting a student’s success in school and beyond. Studies find that low-income students who engage with the arts earn higher GPA’s and higher rates of college acceptance and graduation than otherwise similar peers.

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