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Join us for the Investment and Spending Policies Seminar on April 4, 2016

This free seminar will be given by Rob Brown, the Head of Research at JUST Capital. It is designed for leaders and senior level members of grant-making organizations who are responsible for a foundation's overall outcomes but who do not engage in the day-to-day management of its financial assets. There is no universal answer for investing philanthropic assets, nor for spending the returns. However, this seminar offers a thoughtful, rigorous framework that considers the constraints and objectives of each unique organization as a way to optimize the philanthropic outcome. more

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Our Funders Guides provide the philanthropic community accessible, useful, expertly vetted information about high impact giving opportunities in a wide variety of sectors. Our Practical Guide to Making Strategic Philanthropic Investments provides an overview of types of philanthropic investments and introduces key questions to ask as you make giving decisions.  more


A Sillerman Center report, Engaging a New Generation of Philanthropists: Findings from the Pay it Forward Student Philanthropy Initiative, explores the relationship between college students’ prior philanthropic experiences, student philanthropy course components, and student outcomes related to philanthropy, volunteering, and supporting their communities. more

Funders Guide Spotlight: Restorative Justice in Schools

Restorative justice is an alternative to zero-tolerance. With a philosophy of reparation, accountability, discipline, and reconciliation, the goal is to identify the root causes of the disciplinary problems and build community to support and repair harm, rather than punish.

On November 22, The Sillerman Center was honored to host dozens of youth philanthropists for a Summit on giving and social action.

Youth and adults from New England gathered at the Heller School to talk about their philanthropy models and to learn about creating positive social change through giving.

Social Justice and Philanthropy Students Award Grants to Three Organizations

On December 1, 2015, students from the Social Justice and Philanthropy course, through Learning by Giving, awarded three cash prizes of $5000 each to select non-profit organizations.

Sillerman Welcomes New Director Susan Eaton!

Harvard’s Susan Eaton has been selected as new director of the Sillerman Center for the Advancement of Philanthropy.

Can Money Create Social Change?

Many philanthropists and foundations have recently been making impact investments in an attempt to influence social policy. But are these investments producing dividends toward social change?

Merit Or Need-Based Scholarships: How Donors Can Turn The Tide Towards More Equitable Financial Aid

There has been a dramatic shift away from need-based financial aid since the mid-1990s. Donors can leverage change in financial aid to help those with financial need attend college or university. Kaleigh Behe blogs in the Huffington Post.

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