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Sheryl Seller, The Huffington Post
Can Money Create Social Change?

Kaleigh Behe, The Huffington Post
Merit Or Need-Based Scholarships: How Donors Can Turn The Tide Towards More Equitable Financial Aid

Sillerman Center's Generous U Prize featured in Philanthropy News Digest
Silllerman Center for the Advancement of Philanthropy Accepting Entries for Generous U Competition

Margaret McKenna, mentioned in the Hartford Courant
Girls Grab the Torch to Change the World at the Ethel Walker School

Andrew Hahn, quoted in St. Louis Public Radio
Students Find Sweet Opportunity In North St. Louis

Andrew Hahn, quoted in Bloomberg 
Wal-Mart Supports Communities Around the Globe With $423 Million

Andrew Hahn, quoted in Bloomberg Business Week
Young Wall Street Bankers Flex Their Philanthropic Muscles

Andrew Hahn, quoted in Bloomberg Business Week
Young Bankers Seek ‘Good Yield’ With Their Own Nonprofits

Claudia Jacobs, The Huffington Post
Charity Doesn't Always Begin at Home: Student Philanthropy Experience Path to Future Giving

Generous U mentioned in the Philanthropy News Digest

Claudia Jacobs, The Huffington Post
Compassion, Action and Sleeping Well

Claudia Jacobs, The Huffington Post
Uncircling the Wagons: Philanthropists Who Didn't Cause Our Social Problems

IASP publishes Strategic Philanthropy, a paper outlining how investments in programs that adopt an asset building framework can lead to greater economic outcomes for low-income families.

Claudia Jacobs, The Huffington Post
Confronting Diversity: Can Foundations Face Their Own Equity Contradiction?

Claudia Jacobs, The Huffington Post
Why Philanthropy Should Steam Ahead and Support the Creative Economy

Kansas State University named 'Generous U' for 2013

Claudia Jacobs, The Huffington Post
Is There a Role for Philanthropy in a Socialist State?

Lisa Jennings of ICYFP, quoted in
For Red Sox pitcher Ryan Dempster, a cause he takes to heart
"We have a great opportunity as athletes to give back, but all I really knew when we started the foundation was that it would involve helping kids."

Claudia Jacobs, The Huffington Post
Charity Begins at Home?

Andrew Hahn, mentioned in The Huffington Post
Is Your Nonprofit Making an Impact? Prove It!
Part 1, Why Social Entrepreneurs Must Take Research Seriously, and How to Do So

Claudia Jacobs, The Huffington Post
Twas the Night After Christmas -- and Before the New Year

Giving Tuesday, Commentary by Claudia

Jodi Sperber, MSW, MPH, Doctoral Student and past Sillerman Fellow, blogs about
Philanthropy and Tragedy in Haiti: A New Era Brings New Ways to Help

Andrew Hahn, The Chronicle of Philanthropy
In Boston, a Fund Seeks Promising Nonprofits to Tackle Social Ills

In Letters to the Editor of the Boston Globe, Andrew Hahn and Claudia Jacobs applaud local effort to teach philanthropy to teenagers
Brandeis Center applauds local effort to teach philanthropy to teenagers

The New York Times quotes Laurence Simon, Professor and Director, Sustainable International Development Programs 
Google Finds It Hard to Reinvent Philanthropy

Andrew Hahn weighs in on corporate models for social good in his Youth Today Viewpoint
Can Companies Save the World?

February 8, 2011, The Justice
Sillerman Award Aims to Further Philanthropy

October 14, 2010, The Jerusalem Post
Whose Money is Kosher?

Claudia Jacobs, Director of Capacity Building, is quoted in this article about the pro-peace Jewish-American lobby, J Street, and its ability to weather the storm over lies about funding from billionaire George Soros.

July 18, 2010, Financial Times
Lesson in the Art of Giving
Elenore Garton, quoted in this article discussing the value of teaching philanthropy to MBA students. The Practicing Philanthropy course is highlighted by the Financial Times as demystifying philanthropy and helping students understand its concomitant challenges.

January 8, 2010, The Washington Post
D.C. area Jewish federation revises investment rules
Andy Hahn quoted in article about Jewish philanthropy

January 1-7, 2010, Boston Business Journal
Give because you want to
Sillerman Center's Andy Hahn comments on supporting causes that pull at your heartstrings.

June 2010, Youth Today
Summer Jobs Wilt: Few Slots and Lots of Uncertainty

The August 2009 edition of Youth Today features an op-ed by the Sillerman Center's Director Andrew Hahn on non-profit leaders needing to combat the conditions triggered by the recession by diversifying their funding base, shifting towards general support from project-based funding and collaborating (or merging) more with other organizations. It's hardly the dramatic measures President Obama has taken in other areas.

July 3, 2009, The New York Times
Raising Children Who Care in Times That Need It

July 12, 2009, The Washington Post
Fresh Faces of Philanthropy

June 25, 2009, The Boston Globe
For Philanthropy Courses, Students Become the Givers

The April 2009 edition of Youth Today features an op-ed by the Sillerman Center's Director Andrew Hahn on the American Recovery and Reinvestment Act of 2009. We need to mount strong summer programs that fulfill a need for youths and their communities.

March 2009, Congressional Briefing in Washington, D.C.
The National Center on Family Homelessness kicked off the Campaign to End Child Homelessness with the release of its report, "America's Youngest Outcasts: State Report Card on Child Homelessness," generating enormous numbers of news articles. Elenore Garton of the Sillerman Center, and Trustee of the Marie C. and Joseph C. Wilson Foundation feels that "the results that NCFH have uncovered are unconscionable.  Not only are the figures staggering, but the way in which they are presented is clear and concise."  The report offers comprehensive state-by-state data on the status of homeless children, ranks the states and proposes solutions. Visit

The November 2008 edition of Youth Today features an op-ed by the Sillerman Center's Director Andrew Hahn on involving small staff size foundations and family foundations in youth policy.

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