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Mark Zuckerberg Vows to Donate 99% of His Facebook Shares for Charity
By Vindu Goel and Nick Wingfield, Featured in the New York Times

Major Foundations, Eager for Big Change, Aim High
By David Gelles, Featured in the New York Times

Role of Donor-Advised Funds Prompts Heated Debate
By Alex Daniels, Featured in the Chronicle of Philanthropy

Next Best Things in U.S. Philanthropy Spark Questions
By Jason Franklin, Featured in Philanthropy News Digest

Can Funds Started by the Rich Really Stomp Out Inequality? 
By Benjamin Soskis, Featured in the Chronicle of Philanthropy

All right everyone, we need to freak out more about nonprofit leadership
By Vu Le, Nonprofit With Balls

Against Charity
By Matthew Snow, Featured in Jacobin Magazine

Mark Zuckerberg and the Rise of Philanthrocapitalism
By John Cassidy, Featured in The New Yorker

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