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Philanthropy Practice and Policy

Rebecca Stone Explores the Role of Small Family Foundations in Public Policy: Dynamic Families: How Small Family Foundations Decide to Make Big Changes Through Public Policy

The philanthropic role in social policy is an area of great interest to the Sillerman Center. Given that the Center is an integral part of the Heller School for Social Policy and Management at Brandeis University, the intersection of policy and philanthropy is a natural. While some research has focused on large foundations' engagement in social policy, very little work has examined the roles that small family foundations can and do play in social policy. The Sillerman Center engaged consultant Rebecca Stone to explore the role of small family foundations in public policy.

Feasibility Study Regarding Brandeis Alumni Interest in Philanthropy Education
Would university alumni return to their alma mater to learn how to improve their own overall philanthropy? Read the results of a study of Brandeis alums and their opinions about what would motivate them to return to campus so they could increase their philanthropic impact. Implications for any university interested in sponsoring this type of philanthropy education.

Knowledge Advancing Social Justice

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