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Social Justice Funder Opportunity Briefs

Our Social Justice Funder Opportunity Briefs explore complex social justice challenges and investigate specific funding opportunities that address those challenges. We focus on funding areas that are particularly well suited for philanthropy, backed up by research and sustainable practices. The first brief in this series is Post-Secondary Education for People in Prison. The second brief focuses on democratic and inclusive youth-led grantmaking in the United States. Our third, and most recent brief discusses how grantmakers can redress long-standing inequalities in arts and culture philanthropy by directing more dollars to historically marginalized communities and by adopting strategies that upend traditional funding structures that have excluded artists of color and under-resourced communities. 

Our latest publication is titled "As Near As Possible? Applying Best Philanthropic Practice to Judicial Disbursements of Residual Funds in Class Action Lawsuits."  In this report, we explore a widely debated legal practice called "cy pres."  This term, translated from the Latin as "as near as possible," refers to the process by which courts grant leftover funds from class action lawsuits to nonprofit organizations. We argue that courts' actions in this realm should be informed by established best practice in social justice philanthropy. This will help ensure the cy pres processes are fair, equitable, and have the maximum benefit for members of the original harmed class. 


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