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Past Courses


The 2017 Social Justice & Philanthropy students awarded three organizations - Citizens for Juvenile Justice, Saheli, and Friends of the Children Boston - grants of $5,000 each.


CFJJCitizens for Juvenile Justice

Friends of the Children BostonFriends of the Children Boston

The 2017 Practicing Philanthropy students made grants to three organizations: Saheli, YW Boston, and Black and Pink. Each organization received $13,500.

Black and PinkBlack and Pink

YW BostonYW Boston



The 2016 Practicing Philanthropy students made cash awards to three organizations. Families for Depression Awareness, PAIR Project, and the Center for Teen Empowerment received $13,500 each.


PAIR Project


Families for Depression Awareness

Teen Empowerment

Center for Teen Empowerment

The Social Justice and Philanthropy students made cash awards to three organizations. Cambridge Community Services, Somerville Community Corporation, and Screening for Mental Health received $5,000 each.

ccs 2016

Cambridge Community Services

scc 2016

Somerville Community Corporation

smh 2015

Screening for Mental Health, Inc.

The 2015 Practicing Philanthropy students made cash awards to two organizations. More Than Words and Urban Edge were each awarded $20,000.

Urban Edge
Urban Edge

More Than Words
More Than Words


The 2014 Social Justice and Philanthropy students made cash awards to two organizations. Bridge Over Troubled Waters and Women's Educational Center, Inc. were each awarded $5,000.

Winner BOTW 
Bridge Over Troubled Waters
 Womens Center
Women's Educational Center                                          



The 2013 Practicing Philanthropy students made cash awards to four organizations. Students chose entrepreneurship as the funding focus and awarded $11,000 to the Possible Project in Cambridge to empower at-risk youth. $11,000 was awarded to the Center for Women and Enterprise in Boston to empower women. Interise of Boston was given $9,000 to stimulate economic revitalization in lower-income communities. Main Street Partners of Cambridge was awarded $9,000 to help urban small businesses and create jobs. Funds are made available for this Heller course from the Tomorrow Foundation.

In addition, the 2013 Social Justice and Philanthropy students made cash awards to two organizations. Boston Area Gleaners and Friends of Belmont Sport, Inc. were each awarded $5,000.

Soc 143 Winner 1 2013      Soc 143 Winner 2 2013

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